Pennsylvania Distillery Unveils US-Made Agave Spirit Blanco
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Tequila Worldwide? Pennsylvania Distillery Unveils US-Made Agave Spirit, Joins Similar Upstarts in California, Louisiana, Missouri

Pennsylvania Distillery

(Photo: Yardley Distillery/Instagram)

Pennsylvania’s Yardley Distillery is the latest US-based spirits producer to capitalize on the trending popularity of tequila — without using the word “tequila.”

In an Instagram post, the distillery unveiled its new small-batch Agave Spirit Blanco, now retailing in stores throughout the community. The distillery also produces rum, vodka, bourbon and an assortment of canned cocktails.

Due to protected designation of origin laws, tequila cannot be called “tequila” nor mezcal “mezcal” unless produced in a handful of specific Mexican states. However, the raw materials and methods used to distill these spirits can be replicated virtually anywhere.

As tequila inches closer to becoming the world’s fastest-growing alcohol, international distillers are beginning to take note.

Over the past few years, American-made agave spirits have taken hold in Colorado, Missouri and Louisiana. The most promising industry has emerged near Napa Valley, where the California Agave Council was recently awarded $100,000 from UC Davis to fund distillers in the area.

Elsewhere, tequila- and mezcal-inspired spirits are being distilled in South Africa, Australia, Germany and more. Negave Estates, a startup distillery based in the Middle East’s Negev Desert, recently unveiled an A-list team of industry executives and tequila experts to oversee its vast expanding blue weber agave fields.

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