This New Tequila is Distilled for Nearly 100 Hours to Mozart
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Perfect Harmony: This New 5th Generation Tequila is Distilled for Nearly 100 Hours to Classical Music


La Caza Tequila is integrating a melodious methodology into its agave distillation. (Photo: La Caza)

Whether you’re a college student, ultra-dedicated parent or pop scientist, the Mozart effect has been touted for decades as a quick, classical way to expand your intelligence. Believe it or not, tequila producers are now adopting the technique.

Recently launched La Caza Tequila boasts that its trio of blanco, reposado and añejos are “cooked and fermented for over 90+ hours to the sound of Mozart’s classical music,” allowing “the sights, sounds and smells to co-mingle into what is to be La Caza.”

They’re not the only brand to utilize the off-kilter approach.

Produced under the same roof as La Caza, Yeyo Tequila incorporates the same technique but ups the ante to 190 hours of musical distillation. Less than a five-minute drive down the road at the Tequila Cazadores distillery, Mozart’s music blasts for 24 hours a day above dozens of 8,000-gallon tanks.


The so-called Mozart effect was first coined by researchers in 1993 who claimed that just 15 minutes of classical music listening could improve spatial reasoning skills. In years since, the phenomenon has supposedly been used to treat epilepsy, ADHD and dyslexia. The U.S. state of Georgia even attempted to pass a law in 1998 that would provide every baby with a CD of classical music.

Though some have dismissed the Mozart effect as hoaky pseudoscience, its legacy has nonetheless persisted. In a press release earlier this year, Yeyo Tequila stated:

“This unique approach is based on the belief that the yeast’s expression of aroma is enhanced by the influence of sound frequency and intensity. The result is a relaxed and refined tequila, with a touch of musical elegance.”

La Caza Tequila is clearly interested in maintaining that musical touch. Austin-based founder Drake Screws teamed up with the Vivanco Family, who’ve produced well-received bottlings like Viva Mexico and Artenom Seleccion de 1414, to roll out La Caza in Texas and online through direct-to-consumer platform Thirstie.

“It feels surreal to finally introduce La Caza after so many years and what feels like a million miles traveled,” said La Caza Tequila Founder Drake Screws. “The process to this point was certainly filled with blood, sweat and tears as well as incredible memories made along the way, and that makes me the most proud to put our tequilas in the hands of those who we hope enjoy them as much as we do.”

If you’re interested in checking out La Caza, you can find its website here.

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