Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila Launches Trio of Cocktail Kits
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Kendall Jenner Teams Up With Mom Kris Jenner for Launch of 818 Tequila Cocktail Kits

818 Tequila

(Photo: 818 Tequila)

Doubling down on the ever-expanding 818 Tequila empire, Kendall Jenner is debuting a trio of cocktail kits that promise to “shake up” familiar favorites like the Cosmopolitan, Tom Collins and Old Fashioned.

As tequila reaches new heights of popularity, many drinkers are trading out old classics in favor of their agave spirits-based counterparts; the Tequila Espresso Martini, Mezcal Negroni, Oaxacan Old Fashioned… the list goes on. In honor of National Tequila Day (7/24), 818 is packaging up the trend in a box for at-home mixologists.

“Just as we saw this past fall with using 818 Tequila Reposado in the ever-popular Espresso Martini, tequila is a versatile liquid because it offers unique flavors that can balance and enhance any cocktail,” said David Yan Gonzalez, Director of Tequila Operations at 818 Tequila.

“Tequila has lots of natural flavors from agave, and is very complex with mineral, citrusy, herbal and floral notes that make it infinitely suitable for cocktails — the possibilities are truly endless!”

To announce the launch, Kendall teamed up with mom Kris Jenner to taste-test the recipes, all of which are mixed with juice and syrups courtesy of mixer brand Cheeky Cocktails.


The recipes and contents of each of the three kits are as follows:

  • 818 Tequila Cosmopolitan Kit (MSRP $54.99) 
    • 818 Blanco Tequila, 750 ml (1)
    • Cheeky Lime Juice, 4 oz (1)
    • Cheeky Cranberry Syrup, 4 oz (1)
    • Viski Angled Martini Glasses (2)
  • 818 Tequila Tom Collins Kit (MSRP: $64.99) 
    • 818 Reposado Tequila, 750 ml (1)
    • Cheeky Lemon Juice, 4 oz (1)
    • Cheeky Simple Syrup, 4 oz (1)
    • Viski European Crystal Highball Glasses (2)
  • 818 Tequila Old Fashioned Kit (MSRP $74.99) 
    • 818 Añejo Tequila, 750 ml (1)
    • Cheeky Simple Syrup, 4 oz (1)
    • Bittercube Trinity Bitters, 5 oz (1)
    • Viski European Crystal Rocks Glasses (2)

The move towards cocktail kits makes perfect sense for 818, which has long positioned itself less as an exclusive tequila brand and more as an all-encompassing lifestyle brand.

Within the past two years, 818 has launched a Christmas-themed Toffee and Tequila chocolate bar, created a merch line, released an ultra-premium Añejo Reserve — Eight Reserve — in ceramic decanters, and created the “818 Bricks Program” to turn post-production agave fibers into construction materials.

If you’re interested in checking out the new cocktail kits, find the website here.

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