Tequila Ready-To-Drink Roundup: From High Noon to Topo Chico
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Tequila Ready-To-Drink Roundup: Reviewing New Releases from High Noon, Topo Chico, Milagro and More

Tequila Ready-To-Drink

Tasting and reviewing eight of the most buzzed-about tequila ready-to-drink beverages hitting the market.

Tequila ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages absolutely dominated the release schedule last year. And they’re not showing any sign of slowing down.

Below is a list of eight recent releases vying for attention in a crowded market; from seltzers to pre-mixed cocktails, we’re trying and reviewing the best (and worst) of what the tequila industry has to offer.

Topo Chico Spirited

Tequila Ready-To-Drink

(Photo: Topo Chico)


Topo Chico has cemented itself as a massive cult hit within the United States over the past few years. Capitalizing on its success, the brand has released a line of malt-based hard seltzers, and recently, a trio of Topo Chico Spirited flavors made with real tequila and vodka.

You can find our full review of all three Topo Chico Spirited flavors here. In short, these taste exactly like Topo Chico mixed with real alcohol — that is to say, heavy on the sharp astringent bite of sparkling mineral water.

If you’re among the legions of adoring Topo Chico fans, then these will certainly be a hit. However, if you’re a skeptic, these probably won’t do much to win you over.

Freshie Organic

Tequila Ready-To-Drink

(Photo: Freshie Organic)


With clean bright packaging and a USDA Organic stamp of approval, freshie is clearly angling for the health-conscious side of the alcohol market. It’s easy to see how these would stick out on a convenience store shelf.

So far as taste, these are tequila seltzers through and through. Each of the three main flavors is relatively subdued, taking a backseat to plenty of carbonation and crisp recognizable tequila. The fruit flavors, though subtle, come across more natural than the majority of alternatives we’ve tried.

If you’re looking for an even lighter alternative to a White Claw these are a quality pick.

Mi Campo Cocktails

Tequila Ready-To-Drink


Amidst the sea of canned tequila beverages, certain brands have sought to “premiumize” the RTD experience with glass bottles and slightly higher price tags. Mi Campo, a tequila distillery that has quickly established itself as a staple on liquor shelves, followed suit with an uncarbonated Spicy Jalapeño Margarita and Mango Mule.

These are reminiscent of the overly sweet margaritas you’ll find making the rounds at many a bar. Each coats the mouth with a syrupy texture while dialing up the synthetic fruit flavor to 11. I’d give slight preference to the Mango Mule, though I realize that I might be in the minority here — margaritas are America’s favorite drink for good reason, and some might find a lot to like in these colorful concoctions.

If you’re a fan of Monster Energy or Jolly Rancher-esque cocktails, then, by all means, give these a shot.

Epic Western

Tequila ready-to-drink

(Photo: EpicWestern/Instagram)


A lesser-known brand that came across our desk, Epic Western comes packaged with the obligatory Paloma, Margarita and Ranch Water flavors as well as a spicy “Brush Fire.” Interestingly, these are advertised as carbonated cocktails rather than seltzers.

The distinction shows. The Paloma ups the ante full of grapefruit flavor, the Chispa Rita balances in recognizable orange, and the Brush Fire delivers one of the best canned renditions of jalapeño I’ve ever tried. Even the Ranch Water swings a flavorful hit of lime (which is much more than we can say for most canned Ranch Waters on the market).

Carbonated like a seltzer and flavored like a cocktail, this is a fantastic fusion of two trends that have come to dominate the tequila RTD space.

Casa Azul Tequila Soda

Tequila Ready-To-Drink


One of the newest kids on the block, Casa Azul (not to be confused with Clase Azul) has already racked up celebrity investors like NFL tight end Travis Kelce and actress Eiza González. However, as we all know, celebrity investors don’t always make for a good spirit. Let’s give these a try.

I’d say these are decent if slightly underwhelming. None of the flavors (including a Pink Grapefruit variant not pictured above) are particularly strong. What flavor does exist coats the palate with a synthetic Stevia-like mouthfeel reminiscent of a Truly.

These exist firmly as a “standard” tequila seltzer, albeit exactly the kind that will likely ship millions of cases and crop up at frat parties across the country.


Tequila Ready-To-Drink


These rustic little 200ml canned cocktails grabbed our eye with a wide variety of unconventional flavors. Cultor launched in April with a pineapple & ginger “Soul”, hibiscus & cucumber “Flora”, coconut water & lime “Coco” and a passionfruit & chili “Passion”. Best of all, they’re sold at 12.5% ABV.

Absolutely delicious. Truly, some of the best evidence of what a cocktail-in-a-can should look like. Each capitalizes on a distinct flavor that tastes just like the real thing — whether it’s the ginger, hibiscus or passionfruit, the relatively high alcohol content goes down easy alongside gobs of nuanced and well-rounded ingredients. “Coco” was my personal favorite, marrying the best qualities of coconut milk and tequila into one of the smoothest RTD sips I’ve ever had.

It says on the box that each flavor was created by renowned bartender Shauna O’Neill. Compliments to the chef!

High Noon Tequila Seltzer

Tequila Ready-To-Drink

(Photo: High Noon)


After dominating the canned vodka soda market for years, High Noon recently turned its sights to agave spirits with the launch of a tequila seltzer. This one is backed by Barstool Sports’ David Portnoy and internet comedian Trevor Wallace, so we’ll likely see plenty of sponsored content from it down the road.

If you’ve ever had a High Noon, you’ll know exactly what to expect. The fruit comes through bright and distinct, tasting about as good as it gets for something that’s marketed as a seltzer rather than a cocktail. I’d give particular commendation to the Strawberry flavor, which, as far as I’m aware, is the only one in the lineup that hasn’t previously appeared as a High Noon Vodka + Soda.

A perfect accessbile summer seltzer.

Milagro Batch & Bottle

Tequila Ready-To-Drink


Milagro Tequila threw its hat into the premium RTD market with this margarita release last February. Partnering with Batch & Bottle, a brand that has previously collaborated with Hendrick’s, Reyka, Monkey Shoulder and Glenfiddich on similar products, was likely a good decision.

This was pretty tasty so far as pre-batched margaritas go. A sharp bite of real lime juice dominates the mouth followed by flavors of mid-tier triple sec and Milagro’s blanco tequila. Nothing unexpected, nothing unsavory.

Though I appreciate the novelty of a bottled and ready cocktail, this one sits around the same level of quality as what you could easily make at home with minimal hassle.

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