6 Best High Proof Tequilas At Every Price Point
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6 Best High Proof Tequilas At Every Price Point

High Proof Tequilas

High proof tequilas can be a mixed bag, sometimes too expensive or unreasonably alcoholic. Here are six picks that pair a boozy punch with delicious agave flavor.

The vast majority of tequila found in the United States is sold at 40% ABV (80 proof). But let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re looking for something a little stronger.

Unfortunately, the world of high proof tequila can prove difficult to navigate; oftentimes you’ll find yourself paying exorbitant prices for alcohol that tastes more akin to moonshine than an agave spirit.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best high proof tequilas at every price point, ranging from home-bar essentials to ornate collector’s items.

Dulce Vida Blanco 100 Proof

High Proof Tequilas

Good things come in all shapes and sizes.

Bottled at 100 proof, Dulce Vida Blanco pairs herby aromas of mint, pear and anise with bright flashes of orange and tropical fruit flavor.

At $30, this is the go-to budget-friendly pick for high ABV tequila. Not necessarily a solo sipper like other bottles on this list, Dulce Vida makes for a fantastic boozy punch in a cocktail.

Find Dulce Vida Blanco 100 Proof near you.

Tapatio 110

High Proof Tequilas

55% ABV (110 proof) is the highest legal alcohol content for retail tequila. Most 110-proof tequilas trade out distinguishable agave flavor for unpalatable levels of alcohol — but Tapatio 110 stands out from the crowd.

With a sweet peppery nose and a palate chock full of cream, plum, rock candy and papaya, this is an expression that’ll make you forget how ludicrously high its alcohol content is. You can check out our house review here.

At its low price point of around $50, Tapatio 110 is easily the best 110-proof tequila on the market. But please, drink with caution.

Find Tapatio 110 near you.

Don Fulano Fuerte

High Proof Tequilas

Created by fifth-generation agave farmers and distillers, the Fonseca family’s Don Fulano is another popular choice among tequila lovers.

The 100-proof Don Fulano Fuerte iterates on their popular blanco expression with sweetened flavors of agave frosting, honey and papaya, followed by a creamy, toasted sesame-laden finish. You can check out our review here.

Retailing at $60, Don Fulano Fuerte is a great top-shelf pick that won’t break the bank.

Find Don Fulano Fuerte near you.

Fortaleza Still Strength Blanco

High Proof Tequilas

Fortaleza is often considered the “prestige” pick among tequila enthusiasts, and Fortaleza Still Strength Blanco is no exception.

Bottled at still strength — literally, straight from the still without any additives or alcohol-cutting additions — this 46% ABV blanco folds in rich flavors of almond, lime zest, vanilla and poppy seed. You can check out our house review here.

Retailing around $100, this much sought-after bottle can prove difficult to track down. If you manage to get your hands on it, be sure to share it with all your tequila-loving friends.

Find Fortaleza Still Strength Blanco near you.

Codigo 1530 Estate Harvest Still Strength

High Proof Tequilas

Co-owned by the bizarre pairing of Former Crocs CEO Ron Snyder and King of Country George Straight, Codigo 1530 is one of the very few celebrity-backed brands with true critical acclaim.

Their 45% ABV Still Strength Blanco is an estate harvest bottling, meaning that it’s made exclusively using agave from the producer’s own fields (a feat that less than 1% of tequila brands can claim according to Codigo). The resulting spirit boasts flavors of bright cooked agave, citrus, black pepper and vegetal mint.

Initially sold as a limited-release, bottles of Codigo 1530 Still Strength can still be found on the market for around $70 – $80.

Find Codigo 1530 Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco near you.

Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo

High Proof Tequilas

This 43% ABV 1-liter monolith of an extra añejo has established itself a viral hit since launching in 2014. Its makers claim that Tears of Llorona was initially conceived as a “small batch private stock, never meant to be sold.” Yet, here we are.

Aged for five years, Tears of Llorona picks up a complex mix of custard, sweet maple, toffee and fuji apple notes. This is one that’ll feel right at home for cognac and whiskey lovers. You can check out our review here.

With five years of age, a high ABV and a 1-liter bottle comes a high price point; $250, to be exact. This is not a bottle you’ll pick up on a casual stroll to the liquor store, but a collector’s item intended to be sipped over the years.

Find Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo near you.

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