5 Terrifying Tequila Bottles to Celebrate a Boozy Halloween
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5 Terrifying Tequila Bottles to Celebrate a Boozy Halloween

Boozy Halloween

A Boozy Halloween Is Upon Us. Here Are the Bottles to Celebrate With.

Halloween is soon upon us, and the tequila market is rife with spooky, haunted, delightfully devilish and downright TERRIFYING bottles for us to celebrate with.

Below, we look at five ornate bottles and decanters perfect for a boozy Halloween. We can’t speak to the quality of each tequila contained within, but at the very least we can promise that these bottles will make for good eye candy to go with your Halloween candy.

Los Azulejos Skelly Tequila

Boozy Halloween

In a market swamped with Dia de Los Muertos-themed skull bottles, Los Azulejos Skelly Tequila is perhaps the most iconic skeletal incarnation. You’ll see countless variations of these peering at you from behind the bar counter, wearing all sorts of different colored bandanas and sombreros.

Los Azulejos produces the typical trio of a blanco, a reposado and an añejo. Though they taste better than their novelty bottling suggests, Los Azulejos’ tequilas are noted for a highly sweet, vanilla and caramel-tinted flavor. A typical bottle will run you anywhere from $60 to $80.

Find Los Azulejos Skelly Tequila Blanco at Total Wine.

Gran Agave Ghost Reposado

Boozy Halloween

We hope to never see whatever ghastly site this terrified bottle looks at in anguish.

Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado certainly boasts a fun bottle, one seemingly made specifically for Halloween festivities. Inside this pricy $75 ghoul is a butterscotch and cinnamon-hinted reposado, one which many say leaves a strong alcohol finish.

Find Gran Agave Ghost Reposado at Total Wine.

Ghost Tequila

Boozy Halloween

No, we didn’t just include this bottle on our list because it has “ghost” in its name; a name it earns from the spicy addition of bhut jolokia peppers.

Ghost Tequila actually came onto our radar because they are currently holding a “Spiciest Ghost Sightings” photo contest, the winner of which will be rewarded with free Ghost Tequila for a year. If you’re feeling lucky, the contest ends on Halloween.

If you’re not feeling so lucky, a bottle of Ghost Tequila will cost you $32. It tastes just like it sounds – incredibly spicy. Maybe not a solo sipper, but definitely good for a spicy margarita.

Find Ghost Tequila at Total Wine.

Sangre de Vida Tequila

Boozy Halloween

Sangre de Vida, which translates to “Blood of Life” in English, is contained within quite an eye-catching bottle, one which comes in a handful of glass, ceramic, and hand-painted varieties. It might not look like it from the photo, but it does in fact have a flat side for setting it down on a table.

Unlike many novelty bottled tequila, Sangre de Vida trades cloying sweetness for pungent spices, with flavorful notes of white pepper, cayenne, lemongrass, and according to Christopher Null over at Drink Hacker, even gunpowder. A bottle of their blanco will set you back $50.

Find Sangre de Vida Blanco near you.

Casta Pasion Worm Tequila

Boozy Halloween

Sure, Casta Pasion’s worm-shaped bottle might not be the spookiest addition to this list, but we just can’t get enough of this playful bottling.

Casta Pasion takes the iconic tequila worm and flips it inside out, paying homage to one of the industry’s most infamous little pests. From what we’ve heard, the añejo contained within this ornate decanter is quite good as well, lauded for a complex mix of orange, grapefruit, berry and oak.

Emphasis on “from what we’ve heard” – tracking down one of these bottles is incredibly difficult these days, and can run the gamut anywhere from $300 to $600.

Try and find a bottle of Casta Pasion Worm Bottle Añejo near you.

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