Wannabe Robin Hood Steals Whiskey, Tequila, Resells $1 Shots
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Self-Styled Robin Hood Caught on Camera Stealing Tequila, Whiskey, Allegedly Reselling for $1 A Shot on the Street

A string of liquor robberies in Virginia-Highland, Atlanta, has left bar owners furious over a self-styled Robin Hood who is reselling their bottles on the street one shot at a time.

The story begins after Neighbor’s Pub closed for the night on September 22nd. An unmasked thief broke in through the window, dashed behind the bar and stuffed as many bottles as he could into a reusable shopping bag.

Robin Hood

Neighbor’s Pub. Photo: Google Maps

Bar Manager Jessica Ramsey said that the thief stole around eight to nine bottles, mostly Jack Daniels. She added that this is the 6th or 7th time this has happened in recent memory.

Neighbor’s Pub, which incurred $1,400 in property damage due to the break-in, was only the first bar to be hit that night.

Less than a mile south, security cameras captured a similar-looking man breaking into Brewhouse Pub a few hours later. This time, he stole tequila.

Robin Hood

BrewHouse Pub. Photo: Google Maps

Robin Hood

Break-in at the Brew. Photo: Youtube/11Alive

What’s frustrating bar owners most is how this stolen liquor is allegedly being used. According to neighbors, the thief has gone into business as a cut-rate bartender.

“It is being sold for a shot at a time, basically, in a building that’s close by,” Ramsey told 11Alive. “If you bring your own container, they’ll pour you a dollar a shot.”

Certainly, the thief has been able to save money by not buying a liquor license. But this brazen scheme can’t last for long. Particularly given the growing anger of bar owners.

“Someone’s just taking your product for their own personal use and profit,” said Ramsey. “And then leaving you with broken windows and a mess to clean up.”

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