Rinna vs. Hilton: #TequilaGate Splits the 'RHOBH' Fanbase
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Rinna vs. Hilton: #TequilaGate Splits the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Fanbase


Photo: Youtube/Whats Viral Today

The newest “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” controversy, #TequilaGate, has pitted Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila against Eva Longoria’s Casa Del Sol Tequila, with Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton taking sides.

The endless drama spun from Lisa Rinna’s antics has been a constant source of discussion for the last eight seasons of RHOBH, but this newest standoff might have gone just a bit too far.

The Dirty Details of #TequilaGate


Photo: Youtube/Page Six

Spoilers for RHOBH Season 12 (of course):

In Episode 17 of the ongoing season of RHOBH, the Housewives took a detour to a hat shop during their ski trip to Aspen, Colorado. The hat shop, which featured a fully-stocked bar, offered Kathy Hilton the perfect opportunity to promote her newest tequila venture.

Kathy, along with daughter Nicky Hilton and son-in-law James Rothschild, had recently invested in Casa Del Sol Tequila, which itself had been created by Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria.

Of course, Kathy was eager to show off her tequila. The Housewives were all encouraged to shots.

In a cutaway, Lisa Rinna chimed in “Of course they have Kathy’s tequila – and I have a sneaking suspicion they she put it there herself!”

It goes without saying that Rinna wasn’t going to let that be her last word on the matter.

Rinna approached the bartender and asked, “Can I try a little shot of that 818 Tequila? I want to see what it tastes like.” She later added, “I just want to try it because it’s my friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila.”

Rinna’s tenuous connection to Kendall Jenner – that her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin had dated Jenner’s ex-brother-in-law Scott Disick in 2021 – was apparently enough reason to upend Kathy’s big moment.

Kathy Hilton remarked that the stunt was “fucking disgusting.”

The incident got worse when Kathy’s own half-sister, Kyle Richards, buzzed her away when she tried asking the ladies to try Casa Del Sol.

The Fallout

Now, social media is speaking up. Kathy’s daughter Paris Hilton took issue with her aunt’s behavior in the debacle:

Former RHOBH star Denise Richards even chimed in with support.

Thousands of fans have joined in on #TeamKathy. But a vocal subsection of the fanbase believes Lisa Rinna’s actions weren’t an overreaction.

With three episodes left in the season, things will likely continue to heat up as the reunion comes closer by the day. There’s no doubt that Andy Cohen will have something to say.

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