Post Malone Manager Dre London Launches New Tequila on Tour
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Post Malone Manager Dre London Launches New Tequila Brand on ‘Twelve Carat Tour’

Post Malone Manager

Dre London and Post Malone. Photo: Dre London/Instagram

Post Malone manager Dre London has turned his sights from “rockstar” to “on the rocks” with his newest tequila venture, Don Londrés.

The launch of Don Londres will coincide with Post Malone’s ongoing Twelve Carat Tour across the United States and Canada. After each of Post Malone’s 20 show dates, London will be hosting a tequila-fueled after-party titled, “Don Londrés Presents: The Post Malone Official After Party.”

Once the parties have finished, Don Londrés is set for release in each of those states.

Post Malone Manager

Don Londres After Party. Photo: Live Nation

Dre London, who was named Manager of the Year by Variety in 2018, has helped launch Post Malone to international stardom since the two first met only eight years ago.

In an interview with Billboard, London remarked that “this [Don Londrés] has probably been the thing I’ve been most hands-on with since Post Malone.”

Don Londrés will be launched with Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo expressions. The price, which is set at around $50 per bottle, is described as a “happy medium between the cheap tequila and the expensive tequila.”

London says that he was inspired to produce tequila at this price point after touring the world with Post Malone. During his travels, London says he struggled to find a smooth, internationally available tequila that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive.

Presale for Don Londrés is “coming soon” on

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