Off-Duty Cop Accused of Urinating in Ice Machine at Bar
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Off-Duty Cop Accused of Urinating in Ice Machine, Belligerence at Florida Bar

Urinating in Ice Machine

Jimmy B’s Beach Bar, where an off-duty cop was allegedly found urinating into an ice machine. Photo: Google Maps

When an employee at Jimmy B’s Beach Bar in Saint Petersburg, Florida took a routine trip to the ice machine, he was surprised to find an off-duty Chicago police officer “pissing” onto the ice cubes inside, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

30-year-old police officer Henry Capouch, who was vacationing in Florida with his girlfriend, was told to stop. He allegedly got belligerent and pushed the worker “a couple of times,” according to arrest documents.

After he left the premises, the employee called a Pinellas County deputy who found Capouch sitting at a nearby beach with his girlfriend.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Capouch “actively resisted” arrest. “Capouch continued to yell and kept standing when told to sit multiple times,” the arrest report said.

Documents note that Capouch’s behavior may have been influenced by alcohol.

Capouch was charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct. Shortly thereafter, a Chicago Police Department spokesperson said that Capouch has been relieved of his police powers pending an investigation by Internal Affairs.

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