Drunk Disney Guests Are Wreaking Havoc; Fans Call For Change
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Drunk Disney Guests Are Taking Over Headlines One Incident at a Time — And Fans Have Had Enough

Drunk Disney

Alcohol was long forbidden at Disney theme parks. Now, a scourge of drunk Disney guest incidents are creating controversy within the community. (Photo: Craig Adderly/Pexels)

In 1956, Walt Disney famously said of his theme parks; “No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings a rowdy element. That brings people that we don’t want, and I feel like they don’t need it.”

Decades later, the rules have changed.

Amidst endless headlines reporting obscenities, nudity, beer shotgunning and more, loyal customers are beginning to speak up about the atmosphere of drunken debauchery that has taken hold of Disney World.

Last year, reports swirled about a “Jerry Springer”-style brawl that broke out between two drunken, naked sisters in the middle of the theme park. In another incident, a guest had to be escorted out in a wheelchair after a belligerent outburst with police.

In a recent Reddit thread with over a thousand upvotes, commentators piled in with their own stories:

“We did mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party on this last trip and two moms (who were supervising their KINDERGARTEN age daughters) were legitimately shotgunning beers in line behind us while we were waiting to get in…,” said one commenter.

“The rowdiness and full out drunken a’holes ruin it for the regular person. As time goes by it is getting worse. People stumbling over drunk isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘magical‘,” remarked another.

“If I were Orlando PD I would set up every night right outside Disney’s property line and arrest the thousands who are DUI. If I were Disney I would install a breathalyzer for every vehicle exiting Epcot.”

More often than not, the EPCOT World Showcase is singled out as the main culprit for these antics. There, the “Drink Around the World” slogan encourages customers to try unique cocktails themed around eleven different countries.

Drunk Disney

The EPCOT cocktail “world tour” has drawn the ire of many guests. (Photo: Disney)

If you haven’t been to Disney World yourself, you might be surprised to learn about the caliber of these cocktails; gourmet ingredients like black ant salt, Casa Dragones tequila and Ancho Reyes chile liquor are all mainstays on the elaborately expensive menu. They even make a fan-favorite avocado margarita blended with orange and melon liquor.

All of this is to say, guests aren’t exactly getting drunk on Pabst Blue Ribbon when they visit Disney World. Some believe that this is exactly the issue.

“I will say part of it seems to be that they make drinks really strong in World Showcase. I’m always shocked by the alcohol content in them. And obviously, you can’t do anything to the alcohol content in sakes and wines,” remarked a commenter.

In the face of these escalating incidents, Disney adjusted its guest behavior policy at the end of last year, allowing for the expulsion of guests without refund for anything deemed “unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior.”

For the time being, however, this is probably the strongest measure we’ll see against debauchery at Disney World.

Given the incredibly lucrative nature of the “Drink Around the World” trend (purchasing a cocktail at each of the 11 countries clocks in at $150 minimum per person), Disney probably won’t be banning drinking at the park again anytime soon.

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