Cinco De Mayo Round-Up: Every Tequila Giveaway for 2023
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Next Round Is On Us: Here’s Every Tequila Giveaway and Sweepstake Coming Cinco de Mayo 2023

Cinco de Mayo

From Don Julio to Jose Cuervo, here are all the free sweepstakes that tequila brands are giving out in honor of Cinco de Mayo. (Photos: Teremana Tequila, Davis Arenas/Pexels, Topo Chico)

Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping and another Cinco de Mayo is upon us.

For tequila brands, Cinco de Mayo is the Christmas celebration of the industry — an avalanche of promo opportunities, elaborate parties, new releases and free advertising. This year, many recognizable brands have bet big on sweepstakes.

From $1,000,000 worth of guacamole to Cuervo-branded flip phones, we’ve compiled a list of every major giveaway that’s been launched in honor of Cinco de Mayo 2023. Most of these promotions will expire by the end of the week, so you might want to act fast.

Don Julio – Tequila ATM

Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: Don Julio)

Don Julio has announced the construction of an outlandish Tequila ATM (“automated tequila machine”) in the heart of downtown New York City where they’ll be giving away free alcohol vouchers.

If you don’t live in New York, fret not. From May 1-7, the brand will be giving out $500,000 worth of “Don Julio Cincos” through their Instagram Story, redeemable on Venmo for $5 each.

Find full details here.

Teremana Tequila – $1,000,000 “Guac on the Rock”

Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: Teremana Tequila)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has pledged $1,000,000 worth of guacamole to tequila drinkers across the nation.

This is a surprisingly easy one — if you buy a Teremana Tequila cocktail alongside an order of guac, simply submit a photo of your receipt online and wait for reimbursement on Venmo. Johnson’s birthday happens to fall on May 2nd, so perhaps he’s feeling particularly charitable around this time of year.

Find full details here.

Jose Cuervo – “Dumb Phone” Giveaway

Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: Jose Cuervo)

In one of the more inexplicable Cinco de Mayo promos, tequila-giant Jose Cuervo has encouraged fans to “unplug” with the giveaway of hundreds of flip phones.

Fans who enter the sweepstakes will be entered for a chance to win one of these so-called “dumb phones” as well as a handful of $50 vouchers. It’s an odd giveaway for sure, but one that will surely hit big on the Gen Z zeitgeist.

Find full details here.

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer – All Expense Paid Trip to Puebla, Mexico

Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: Topo Chico)

Coca-Cola-owned Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is offering two lucky winners a six-night trip to Puebla City, Mexico. The all-expense paid trip comes complete with curated meals, taco samplings, hot air balloon rides, archeological visits and even a ceramics workshop.

Find full details here.

Lobos 1707 – Taco and Tequila Giveaway

Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: Lobos 1707)

LeBron James’ Lobos 1707 is taking the tacos and tequila concept in stride.

Partnering up with taco shell-maker Old El Paso, Lobos 1707 is promising to give out 10 tacos and tequila meal kits complete with seasoning, sauce, a cocktail shaker and more.

Find full details here.

Eleven-20 Tequila – Tequila Giveaway

Cinco de Mayo

(Photo: Eleven-20 Tequila)

The most straightforward of the bunch, Eleven-20 Tequila is giving away 5 bottles of their $59 Blanco through Instagram.

Find full details here.

In-Person Pop-Ups

In addition to the smorgasbord of giveaways, many brands are taking to the road and setting up events across the country.

Espolon Tequila is launching a roving taco truck that will host takeover parties in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York City, Austin and Phoenix through the end of the month, accompanied by a limited-edition merch drop.

1800 Tequila has launched a “URL + IRL” shop where they’ll be selling a variety of candles, wooden cutouts, leather jackets and more. The in-person pop-up is stationed in LA, where they’ll be hosting live music, an open bar and photo stations.

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