5 Best Mezcal and Tequila Bars in NYC to Visit in 2023
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5 Best Mezcal and Tequila Bars in NYC to Visit in 2023

Tequila Bars in NYC

At the best mezcal and tequila bars in NYC, you’ll find endless menus of delicious niche spirits and wonderfully creative cocktails.

New York City is brimming with all manner of dimly light speakeasies, deafening clubs, high-concept cocktail bars and everything in between.

Among them are several exceptional agave spirits bars. While some of these bars specialize in boundary-pushing cocktails, others offer massive menus brimming with underutilized agave spirits like sotol, raicilla, bacanora, pulque and more. Many excel at both.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the best mezcal and tequila bars worth a special visit in 2023.


Tequila Bars in NYC

(Photo: Mayamezcal)

Mayamezcal is an oft-recommended “hidden gem” for good reason.

This cozy, easy-to-miss spot in the East Village goes all-in on wildly inventive cocktails. Ingredients like raspberries, ginger, cinnamon and cucumber are mainstays on their smorgasbord of a menu.

One particularly eye-catching stand-out is the Spicy Rabbit, a mix of spicy tequila, homemade carrot liqueur, fresh lemon juice and basil.


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You can find Mayamezcal at 304 E 6th Street.


Tequila Bars in NYC

(Photo: Anejo)

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, the simply named Añejo is a taqueria and restaurant that goes all in on variety.

Though you’re sure to find delicious variations on classic cocktails, this is a spot to visit for its agave spirits menu. Broken down into helpful taste profile sections like “Fruit,” “Vanilla + Caramel,” “Baking Spices” and more, Añejo is one of the very best spots in NYC for novices hoping to take a deep dive into the complex palate that agave spirits have to offer.

For seasoned enthusiasts, Añejo offers a fantastic catalog of niche varieties, particularly in its expansive Wild Species and Pechuga mezcal menus.

(Photo: Añejo)

You can find Añejo at 668 10TH Ave.


Tequila Bars in NYC

(Photo: Pulqueria NYC)

Pulqueria is one of the only spots in NYC (nay, the United States) that specializes in the delicious fermented agave drink that is pulque.

A centuries-old precursor to mezcal and tequila, pulque is a tart, frothy low-ABV brew that can be mixed with all varieties of ingredients ranging from mango to pine nut.

In addition to pulque, tequila and mezcal, Pulqueria NYC also offers sotol, an earthy agave spirit lesser appreciated in the American cocktail scene.

If you’re looking for cocktails that truly can’t be found anywhere else, Pulqueria NYC is where to go.


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Find Pulqueria at 11 Doyers St.


Tequila Bars in NYC

(Photo: Google Maps)

In Carol Gardens, Brooklyn you’ll find Leyenda, a delicious brunch and dinner spot launched by world-class bartenders Ivy Mix and Julie Reiner.

Leyenda’s vast spirits menu boasts tequila, bacanora, raicilla, sotol and dozens of different agave varietal mezcals.

On their drinks menu, you’ll find absurdly creative recipes like the sotol, pear brandy and manzanilla sherry “Aldama”, and even a milk-washed reposado and mole bitter cocktail served in a traditional mortar and pestle.


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Find Leyenda at 221 Smith St.


Tequila Bars in NYC

(Photo: Oxomoco)

With a Michelin star under its belt, Oxomoco is clearly more than just a tequila bar.

That being said, their tequila selection is one of the best in the city, loaded with top-tier picks like Fortaleza, NETA, Mal Bien and more.

Despite their fine-dining roots, Oxomoco’s cocktail menu keeps things playful; their mezcal, rum fire, coconut and caramelized pineapple “Recuerdame” frozen cocktail is an easy standout.

If you’ve got some money to spare for renowned eats and equally accoladed cocktails, Oxomoco won’t steer you wrong.


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Find Oxomoco at 128 Greenpoint Ave.

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